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St. Romedio Sanctuary

Coredo with a scenic walk in the rock

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St. Romedio Sanctuary
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History and Legend

It tells of how, at the end of the tenth century, the noble Romedio, heir to the prestigious house of Tyrolean Thaur, called by the voice of God, abandoned all his wealth and decided to seek true happiness and communion with the Creator for meditating on top of a rock. At his death, those who had been faithful, dug into the rock his grave and gave rise to the cult that from the year 1000 is perpetuated still today.

The first chapel was built in the eleventh century and thanks to the faith of the humble three other small churches, two chapels and seven small chapels were erected over the centuries. Faith in the Holy Valley was really loud, so that, in the fifteenth century the walls along the staircase leading to the grave of the hermit were filled with votive objects, signs of the immense faith of the pilgrims in the power of the Holy .

The Bear of St Romedio

The sanctuary of St. Romedio is often remembered for the wildlife area near the entrance where two bears  live in semi-liberty , the true mascot of all the children of the Val di Non. Their presence in this place is connected to the legend of Romedio, who already old was determined to meet the Bishop of Trento, Vigilio. Along the way, his horse was mauled by a bear, however Romedio did not give up and approached the beast was miraculously managed to make it tame and ride it up to Trento.

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This offer is still
St. Romedio Sanctuary
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