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Round ring on mount Pin in Maddalene group

Summer track 40 minutes by car from Hotel, in heart of Maddalene group

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Round ring on mount Pin in Maddalene group
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Itinerary: Round ring on mount Pin in the heart of the Maddalene group.

Level: difficult

Season: summer

Starting point: the town of Bresimo, in the village of Baselga, home to a small church dedicated to the Virgin Mary with frescoes attributed to Baschenis

Altitude gap: 1400 meters

Duration: 8-9 hours


This route also has as its goal one of the most beautiful and scenic of the Non Valley Mount Pin entrance to the valleys of Bresimo and Rumo, valleys But rising fast, in about half an hour there is another historical gem set in a beautiful natural setting: the Lower Castle, former residence restored relevance of the Castle of Altaguardia: we look up and there in front of the summit pyramid of Mount Pin. Rising again following the signs to the castle, now a ruin because destroyed during the peasant revolts twice-stories to tell so many would-continues to change the landscape: larch, mixed deciduous woodland, then the forest of fir trees far the arboreal vegetation gives way to high-altitude meadows ... climbing (the trail is 149 and then the 131 to the summit, about 1400 meters altitude) find barns, old mines where gold was mined in the Middle Ages, alpine meadows, pastures , rocks, lakes, breathtaking views, a wonderful flora (in this area are for example orchid species that live in the Mediterranean area and even those that might find traveling in the arctic tundra), an equally rich fauna. When we would not be unlikely spot atop the golden eagle in flight, often even at a lower level than that of the peak where we stand! From the top to go down the trail 131 and then 131 B to reach Malga Binasia above, here grazing horses and llamas! a forest road will take us to the valley through the woods to a paved road, the follow up to the town of Bresimo still passing through a rural landscape of outstanding beauty. We will pass in front of a source of ferruginous water, just off the building of the old baths, known as "Rotonda" observing the structure will understand why ... down towards the parish church dedicated to St. Bernard could visit a water mill rebuilt and running and Venetian sawmills (including those operated by the force of the water of the river, one of them fully operational). Along this lively and clean river were already in the 1400 structures of this kind, in the most hidden places there are also remains of forges with water-powered hammer, a "lime kiln" where you obtained the lime for construction "burning" pieces of rock limestone and finally a "Lovara", that is an ancient trap to lure wolves and bears. At the Piazza of Bresimo, at the Town Hall and the church parish ledi San Bernardo, in about 15 'along the sidewalk along the main road, we reach Baselga, our starting point of the trip. Calculated between 8 and 9 hours for the whole journey.



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This offer is still
Round ring on mount Pin in Maddalene group
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