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sommelier Renzo Bertol

Twins. Different by nature - united by the same passions.

RENZO BERTOL, the oenologist.


Renzo does not simply taste and recommend wine, he lives and breathes it. It is his life. He has reached this point only after years and years of one thing: study.


Renzo started studying in Trentino along with his brother and, like him, soon felt the need to travel, to understand, to learn, to experience. His studies in oenology lead him across Europe, to France and Spain, and then overseas to the United States in California. Over the course of his education, he met experts like Peter di Poli, Giorgio Graj and Luigi Veronelli, just to mention a few.


By the end of the nineties, his professional career was launched. He provided wine consultancy to the Benetton Group and other companies in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany and South Africa; however, it was in France where his career really took off.


Since 2004 he has served as the Food & Beverage Manager for Henri Chenot's Palace in Merano. 

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