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PHILOSOPHY. It's hard describe in words that which can only... experienced first hand. And not just anywhere, but only here.

This philosophy has been the guiding principle for each member of our staff from the very day the first stone was laid. ORSOGRIGIO started making history right from the beginning, when this ambitious project was born.


A project flourishing in flawless detail and dedication: the type that a designer gives to his project, an artist to his art, or an artisan to his craft. Inspiration, art and technique applied to not just any fruit, but that specific fruit; not just any flower, but that specific flower; not just any type of metal or wood, but that specific type of metal and wood. Because it is the union of that specific metal with that certain wood, which creates something that words cannot describe, something that can only be experienced.


Brushing the sky, breathing the woods' crisp air and feeling the essence of life are all within reach. And so the sky bows down and you can caress the stars; the woods' fragrance saturates the air and you can inhale the freshness; life emanates from within you and you can feel it in your soul. All of this is there, scrupulously planned and concentrated within a fortress, yet unpredictable in its dynamics and unforeseeable in its development.


It is the warmth of that which is known and experienced; it is the aura of a structure that spreads breath and life to all in its vicinity. It is a moment out of time and space. It is the awareness that you are alive and that no other creature in the world, apart from yourself, can really understand. Simply put, it is ORSOGRIGIO.

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This luxury hotel is unmatchable, not only with regard to the enchanting beauty of the surroundings and the refinement of the services, but also for the kindness of the staff, which I've recently experienced. If you want to know true Italian excellence, you shouldn't miss it. "
Paola005 |Milano, Italia
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Via Regole, 12 38010 Ronzone (TN), Italia
Villa ***** Tel. +39 0463880559- Fax +39 0463880589
Ristorante Tel. +39 0463 880625 - Fax +39 0463 880634
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