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Thun Castle in Vigo di Ton, a fairy tale in Trentino

The pleasure of relaxation and the magic of the history of Trentino

A few miles from our hotel will meet Thun Castle, the symbol of one of the most powerful and wealthy families of Trentino: Tono family.

The castle stands on a hill not far from the town of Vigo di Ton. Destined to become the protagonist of the story of the Prince Bishops of Trento, also at European level, the House of Tono, from which the castle takes its name appears for the first time in the thirteenth century when, after conquering the ancient Rocca Belvesino they began to transform it into a sumptuous family residence.

At the top of the hill stands the central nucleus of Thun Castle
Moving a few steps from our hotel, in Ronzone, Non Valley, you can still visit many historical and cultural wonders that will leave you amazed.
Just think of the town of Ronzone, that offers you the possibility to visit the Museum of Uses and Customs of Anaunia, the Postcard Museum and Collections and the Archives of the oral sources of High Anaunia, a historic and artistic unique trip .

So do not miss the opportunity to live the experience of a holiday to discover some of the most valuable historical stories in Trentino, staying at our hotel you will enjoy a refined and exclusive stay, where you will find pleasant have relax and enjoy good food, as well as find the physical and mental well being thanks to the offered treatments.

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