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Trentino - Val di Non

ORSOGRIGIO Suite & Gourmet in Trentino

Luxury and wellness meet each other in a break between time and space

News 2021

Find out how to make your stay even more exclusive in the renovated rooms with a new sauna and relaxation area!

Cristian Bertol’s Cuisine

Tradition which becomes creative avanguarde, this is the reason to exist for each plate.


ORSOGRIGIO Suite & Gourmet is much more than a deluxe hotel, it’s a unique experience, enriched by the unmistakable style of Cristian Bertol, already known at the audience of the Rai Uno TV programme, Prova del Cuoco.


Quality products, picked up from our kitchen garden and transformed by the wise hands of Cristian, who always search the most mysterious ingredient.


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10 rooms, 10 souls

Each space has its own style, choose the right nuance of your Emotion

Bagno turco Ursa Major - Top Suite Idromassaggio Ursa Major - Top Suite

Top Suite

Ursa Major


"It was not difficult to take a step back into the past. I just had to look up at the ceiling which itself awakened the notion of a time long ago. Then my imagination, conditioned by hours spent reading, did the rest. I let myself go until I reached a state of peace, and my sense of time slipped slowly away until reaching a point where the past and the present embraced and become one..."

Dettaglio cena in camera Ursa Minor - Top Suite Idromassaggio Ursa Minor - Top Suite

Top Suite

Ursa Minor


"…everything seemed to be drifting upwards, as if to create a new epicentre. The floor and the walls had taken on a new, curious texture. A dense, full-bodied cloud spread out beyond the ceiling permeating the fresh breeze from the woods. My reflection rose and slowly vanished as it gradually melted away into the surroundings ..."

Bagno turco Palco Floreale - Suite Camera da letto Palco Floreale - Suite


Palco Floreale


“...We could look east, west or south, where the sun had just awakened and radiated an awe-inspiring light which could not have been seen from any other angle. The walls seemed like guests among the trees and mountain tops. Breakfast was being served on the veranda and the thought of sitting down at the table in the middle of a forest drew me effortlessly out of bed ...”

Dettaglio colazione in camera Palco Silvestre - Suite Camera da letto Palco Silvestre - Suite


Palco Silvestre


“…The environment itself so warm and pleasant inspired us to treat ourselves to an inviting spa treatment. We lost touch with the notion of time, and it became difficult to perceive its flow. This explains why we arrived one hour late to the meeting, but nevertheless, relaxed, radiating an inner calm, and feeling somehow different ...”

Idromassaggio Monos Attica - Junior Suite Camera Monos Attica - Junior Suite

Junior Suite

Mónos Attica


“...The idea was that of two realities, both completely different, but co-existing at the same time. Even the details seemed to divide the entities in two. It was not by chance that we both took the same decision. A nod was enough. No disagreements. We descended slowly, both of us well aware of what we were about to face...”

Camera da letto Monos Alcova - Junior Suite Idromassaggio Monos Alcova - Junior Suite

Junior Suite

Mónos Alcova


“...It was enough to look down and stare directly into her eyes; the water seemed to reflect her every move onto the walls. It was almost impossible to make out where the water stopped and the walls started. We could almost touch by simply stretching out our arms, and the water drops fell from her wrist leaving a trail on the floor which she would then soon take...”

Idromassaggio Palmieri - Deluxe Superior Camera da letto Palmieri - Deluxe Superior

Superior Deluxe



“...The antique wood creaked under her footsteps letting me know that she was approaching. That short stretch, which she walked every time, made me wonder whether her skin was able to feel the subtle differences between the differently aged woods. I waited for her touch and the whispering of the crushed grass, whispered her imminent arrival...”

Piscina riscaldata con idromassaggio in terrazza Gherardi - Deluxe Superior Camera Gherardi - Deluxe Superior

Superior Deluxe



“...That night, all alone, provided the perfect occasion for me to clear my head. The room seemed to have been chosen for that specific purpose. My attention was captured by a ceiling full of memories which were refreshed by an endless flow of water. I had been musing for a couple of hours; it must have been eight o'clock, maybe eight thirtyo...”

Idromassaggio Fiammetta - Deluxe Camera da letto Fiammetta - Deluxe




...Staring at each other, we couldn't stop laughing even after many useless attempts. The water was still, only our eyes were moving. Still giggling, she suddenly leaped out of the water in a flash to let room service in. Just a few seconds later I was sipping my coffee in the bath...”

Bagno Lauretta - Deluxe Camera Lauretta - Deluxe




“...As soon as I made my way through the doorway, I knew something had changed - maybe it was the atmosphere, maybe something had been rearranged. I didn't even have the time to lay down on the bed before the curtain moved just slightly as if brushed by a breeze. It wasn't the wind though, it was her… she had been waiting for me ...”


Ten rooms, ten sophisticated environments where you can find yourself on holiday among the mountains of Trentino.


In Ronzone, in the peaceful scenario of Non Valley, you’re going to live your dream in a magical atmosphere, where everything fits on your needs, beginning from absolute privacy and discretion.


The great park, the private garden, cigar room, wine bar and the Temple of Wine are only some of the thousand emotions you’ll live here, in a Wellness&Luxury Hotel among the Dolomites.


This luxury hotel is unmatchable, not only with regard to the enchanting beauty of the surroundings and the refinement of the services, but also for the kindness of the staff, which I've recently experienced. If you want to know true Italian excellence, you shouldn't miss it. "
Paola005 |Milano, Italia
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